I have been a teaching assistant for multiple engineering courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. As an engineering educator, I incorporate hands-on demonstrations and relatable, engaging examples into the core curriculum. As a biomaterials engineer, that often means bringing slime (aka, hydrogels) into the classroom! Scroll to learn more about my teaching experience!


Graduate Teaching Assistantship

I have been a teaching assistant (TA) for multiple graduate-level courses in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering in the Penn Bioengineering Department. In 2020, I was awarded one of the ten annual awards for the Penn Prize for Excellence in Graduate Teaching. This award comes from nominations directly from students in the course. I was honored to be the first graduate student in the Bioengineering department to receive this award at Penn. 

Penn Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Certificate

I completed my teaching certificate through the Penn Center for Teaching and Learning in 2021. As a part of this program, I have taken a semester-long course in "Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Practices", and multiple workshops in creating communities with the classroom and hands-on learning modules in STEM. 

Developing Hands-on Biomaterials Education Modules for High School Classrooms

Working with an awesome team of undergraduates as a part of a remote REU program, I have developed a series of hands-on educational modules for teaching hydrogels, biomaterials, and tissue engineering concepts to a high school audience. These modules use easily accessibly "kitchen chemistries", cost-efficient mechanical testing devices built from Arduino Uno's, and open-source software for data analysis.

More details on accessing these modules coming soon!

Teaching as a Study Abroad Program Assistant

In 2018, I served as a Teaching and Program Assistant for an undergraduate course in materials science at the University of Delaware as a part of a study abroad program in San Sebastian, Spain. In this role, I got to organize teaching and study sessions outside of class as well as aid in facilitating the study abroad trip.


Teaching Materials Science Abroad

Taking a field trip to Venice, Italy with the materials science study abroad trip to discuss engineering materials for a water-filled environment! And of course, enjoy great food :)