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Through my leadership positions in academia, I strive to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for the next generation of engineers. As a future faculty, I hope to be highly engaged in departmental, university, and society efforts to make engineering education more accessible and inclusive. Scroll to learn more about some of my current DE&I engagement efforts.

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Project SHORT

I am a mentor for Project SHORT, an organization that provides free access to PhD and med school application mentoring for students from underrepresented and economically disadvantaged groups. As a mentor, I work with a single mentee each year to provide multiple cycles of feedback on application essays, mock interviews, and the decision making process for where to apply and enroll.

Penn Bioengineering DEI Scholar

I served as a PhD student representative on the Penn Bioengineering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, which consisted of faculty, staff, and students in the department. We met biweekly to discuss DEI issues within the department and make meaningful action towards a more inclusive and diverse department.

Girls Advancing in STEM (GAINS) Network

GAINS is a network of high school chapters across the country with the goal of promoting STEM careers for female students. As a "role model" for the GAINS Network, I participate in multiple virtual events per year, such as career panels and workshops on engineering and biomaterials. Check out my interview with GAINS Network founder and leader Dr. Ann Decker on the series "When Will I Use This Again?", where I discuss how slopes, derivatives, and integrals are crucial to tissue engineering!

My Start in Research - Project SEED

Project SEED (Summer Experiences for the Economically Disadvantaged) is a paid summer internship program for high school students run by the American Chemical Society.

I got my own start in research as a Project SEED scholar at the University of Delaware in 2012 in the Epps Group. This experience changed my life, and helped me even the playing field with my peers. I am so thankful for this experience, and I am excited to lead and participate in programs like Project SEED as a future faculty member in engineering.

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GAINS Network

Check out my interview with GAINS Network founder, Dr. Ann Decker, "Slope, derivatives, integrals? Who cares about the area under that curve?". This video is a part of the YouTube series "When Will I Use This Again?" We discuss how tissue engineers use slopes and integrals!

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